Michael Baxley

Hillcrest is home to a wide selection of one-of-a-kind eateries, nightlife hot spots and delightful stores.

Hipper and more laid-back than its cousin to the north, Hillcrest is always hosting people from all over Metro Little Rock. Hillcrest is full of beautiful turn-of-the-century homes and cottages.Plus, home prices are lower here than in the Heights and there are more rental options, too. The charming Craftsman bungalows, American Foursquare houses and two-story Tudor-style homes sit cozily along oak-lined streets.

Sierra Wheeler

 In 1990 the Hillcrest Historic District was listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and a few beautiful homes in the neighborhood are also listed.

In the mornings and evenings, residents — a lot of young professionals and artistic types — emerge to walk pets alongside wrought iron fences and overflowing azaleas. All day long, the historic district’s diverse shops and restaurants are bustling with customers. Places like Café Bossa Nova, Mylo Coffee Co., Kemuri and The Pantry Crest beckon all of Metro Little Rock for delicious and diverse eats. And at night, voices carry across the neighborhood from the patios of favored gathering spots like Ciao Baci and U.S. Pizza.

Wil Chandler
New to Hillcrest’s bustling stretch of shops and restaurants is Mylo Coffee Co. True to the spirit of Hillcrest, Mylo serves a menu of handcrafted and sustainably-sourced food and drink.

Jason Masters

Walkability is just one of the attractive features Hillcrest offers. Hillcrest dwellers are just a short walk from coffee shops, salons, fine dining and local schools.

Like the Heights, most of Hillcrest’s businesses are located along the main thoroughfare of Kavanaugh Boulevard, and patrons tend to be middle to upper class. If you’re looking to open a business catering to that demographic, Hillcrest is the place to be.

Like the rest of the neighborhood, the social scene is casual and easy-going. On the first Thursday of every month, the local merchants host Shop 'N' Sip, where businesses stay open late and invite customers to enjoy live music and a glass of wine while they shop.

Nature’s influences are as much a part of this neighborhood as a Damgoode Pies’ pizza. Families and fitness seekers explore the beautiful Allsopp Park, which boasts softball and tennis courts, biking and hiking trails. Knoop Park, where you can often find runners and joggers with strollers, is also a popular place to watch Riverfest and the Main Streets bridge’s Fourth of July fireworks.

From hip food trucks and recent college grads to fancy spas and salons, Hillcrest is eclectic and one of a kind.

Stay in the know about all things Hillcrest and beyond by liking the Forbidden Hillcrest Facebook page. Word-of-mouth popularized this page, which acts as a neighborhood watch for the area. More than 63,000 people follow for up-to-date news and info on crime, community events, charitable opportunities and random oddities.

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