Mission Statement

The mission of ResponsiveEd Arkansas is to provide hope for students through educational options that promote a free society and cultivate moral and academic excellence.


• Premier High School-Best Practices Learning (2017)
• Little Rock Family Amazing Educator of the Year
• LISA Academy Science Fair Finalists
• Univ. of AR (OEP) Beating the Odds Award for ELA State Assessment Growth (Premier North LR 2021)

Special Services

• Extracurricular and enrichment programs offered
• Special Education
• College & Career Counseling
• Concurrent Credit


The district has a 1-1 technology-student ratio across all schools to provide students with emergent technology to access course work and instructional materials inside and outside of the classroom.

Noteworthy School Programs

• Basketball, track and field
• Character virtues program
• Pizza with a Professional
• College & Career Counseling
• CTE Industry Based Certification

District: ResponsiveEd Arkansas
Rhonda Bradford


• Premier High School of Little Rock
• Premier High School of North Little Rock
• Premier High School of Springdale
• Premier High School of Fort Smith will open August 2022 serving grades 9-12

ResponsiveEd Arkansas
400 Hardin Road, Suite 120
Little Rock

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