Metro Little Rock Guide

Way of Life

The Big Cleanup

Look around. Have you seen the members of the “invisible army” working throughout our community to help in the continuing battle against invasive ugliness?

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Soirée Recommends: Find Your Tribe

From hand-woven Nepalese rugs to stylish embroidered kaftans, this season’s tribal trends from Box Turtle are perfect for brightening up your wardrobe or home.

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Soirée Recommends: Platinum Service Awards 2016

Customer service is everything. At the end of last year, we polled a select group of our print readers to find out which individuals and companies provide them with the best service and overall experience.

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Sound Source

As I pass one of the old brick storefronts with office furnishings visible through large glass windows, I slow down and listen. It’s nothing but ambient traffic and Sunday wind out there, but my imagination adds a sound-cloud of brass and strings, the tunings of first violins, the almost imperceptible shimmer of crash cymbals reacting to hard evening sunlight in the windows and the vibes of a busy room.

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5 Reasons Kids Love Metro Little Rock

Rest assured your brood won’t be bored in Metro Little Rock. The area’s access to nature and world-renowned arts and entertainment offerings geared just for them make Little Rock an awesome place to raise a family. Here’s just a handful of our faves.

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