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25 Things To Do With Your Kids Before They’re Grown

Let’s face it, our years with children under our roofs slip past us when we’re not paying attention. Suddenly we find ourselves with preschoolers, then grade-schoolers and pretty soon, teens. We do our best to make the most of these years, but sometimes it helps to know we aren’t missing out on our children’s childhood by engaging it full on.

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Saline County: A Very Mayberry Christmas

Each year at Christmas time, family traditions are renewed or born. Some traditions are passed from one generation to the next: My children get new pajamas and ornaments every year.

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Conway: A Red & Greenbrier Christmas

Conway’s neighboring town of Greenbrier has seen great growth in the last few years, both in population and in the number of activities available to local families. The latest event to get the “bigger and better” treatment? The annual Christmas parade and festivities.

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Cabot Christmas Alliance Grows With Community's Help

Since the 1960s, generous community members have worked to make sure no Cabot family goes without a Christmas dinner. Back then the effort was led by local churches through the ministerial alliance, and it served just a few needy families. The program, now known as the Cabot Christmas Alliance, has grown to serve more than 700 families today. Though the program has evolved and grown dramatically, its mission remains the same: Helping those in need have a blessed Christmas.

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11 Holiday Chores Your Tween Won't Grouse About

In order to avoid the typical exasperated sigh which is usually accompanied by the shameful “I’m busy” response, assign chores your tween will actually enjoy doing. Here are some creative ideas to encourage your tween to get involved in the holiday preparations and lighten your load.

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